marc sacerdote  art & animation


obligatory nude,  2009



I’ve been working in collage for nearly twenty years, applying paper like mosaic pieces.  Most of my work used to be birthday collages for my daughter, Marguerite; my son, Nicky; and my granddaughter, Tara.  A number of those are here.

In the last couple of years I’ve been moving in new directions in medium and theme.  I still do birthday collages--Tara’s requested a dragon for her 15th-- but most of my work now, in part or in whole, is digital and not birthday-themed.

Working digitally has brought me back to animation--which I taught for more than 25 years.  Pieces here like “Phil,” my first non-birthday piece, began as paper collage but now have an added animated dimension.

Please give each of the videos a few minutes to load.  They will play.